Cerberus, with the exclusive assistance of US-based reinsurance law firm Bazil McNulty, routinely purchases the following types of reinsurance entities:


Cerberus prides itself in that it has streamlined the process for the purchase of a company or line of business in a cost-effective manner through the following steps:

  1. Cerberus conducts a formal due diligence at its own expense and with the least amount of interference and burden to the seller.
  2. Cerberus will meet with the appropriate Regulators and obtain as much pre-approval to avoid any Regulatory issues in the transfer.
  3. After review of all available information, Cerberus provides the seller with a purchase proposal and outline of the transfer process.
  4. After a price is agreed and the contract terms agreed, both parties sign the Agreement and any applicable payment is remitted to the seller within 15 days.


After the sale to Cerberus is complete, the seller receives a variety of advantages that include: