As economies evolve, companies often find themselves in a market / line of business that no longer fits their current or long term business model. Cerberus is poised to review, analyze and offer a quick and efficient solution to a business segment that a company wishes to divest.

With the implantation of Solvency II requirements, companies may be faced with large additional capital requirements. As these capital requirements may take away from a company's core business, Cerberus is poised to acquire an entity / business segment that not only does not fit a company's current business model but will take capital away from other performing assets.

Cerberus has a global focus on purchasing reinsurance companies and lines of business and continues to actively seek purchase opportunities in the following regions:

The Cerberus Difference:

Why do many reinsurance companies in the live market refer to run off reinsurance as 'Bad Boy Reinsurance'? There is a belief that once a company goes into run off, there are often a number of changes to the company's conduct. Examples include:

Cerberus does not follow this business model. We will continue to promptly and fairly settle all valid claims when properly presented. Unlike many other run off companies, Cerberus bears reputational issues in mind when running off insurance or reinsurance portfolios. Many companies place certain lines of business into run off. These companies may have insured's or reinsured's in the run off portfolios with which they maintain a business relationship. Throwing your clients to the run off wolves can have negative repercussions. Too many companies have learned this the hard way.

Cerberus offers a better way. The prompt, fair settlement of claims and excellent client service will protect your reputation and preserve your relationships. Do not take our word for it - we will gladly provide you with references.

If you are considering exiting certain lines of business or going into run off, contact us to discuss your options. Our collaborative approach to structuring run off solutions enables us to build a plan and platform that will meet your goals and objectives.